Largest WiMax Network – BSNL

State Owned BSNL has tied up with SOMA Networks to deploy and provide WiMax based wireless broadband in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra covering population of 200 million people.

The network when up and running will be the largest WiMax deployment in the world beating Sprint-Nextel network. BSNL will adopt 802.16e standards.

Mr. Ahuja, MD of soma Networks said,

Once the service is commercially launched, consumers will be able to get wireless broadband access at a minimum speed of 256 kbps. The advantage of wireless broadband is that it will allow subscribers to get access to the internet wherever they are within a state as long as they carry the modem with them.

We are not quite sure on why BSNL is always planning to goto Rural India when they can double their business here in Bangalore and other metros using their existing copper networks. There is terrific demand for broadband and yet BSNL has turned deaf to our demands with arrogant customer care executives.

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