Click-To-Call / SMS Catching up in India

Google was the first one to introduce Click-To-Call based advertising in India. Tyroo Ad Network first introduced the concept of Click-To-SMS. Now portals like Sulekha are borrowing ideas from them. Sulekha introduced Click-To-Call on their Yellow Pages a direct copy of YellowPages.Com. However, when testing Sulekha’s service, the call never got connected. Caller-Id is masked and is a potential security threat to National security. India doesn’t have laws for Private Listing or Masking of numbers without written permission from the City Police Commissioner.

Click-To-Call can be widely misused especially in India. If you check out Orkut, their are so many disgruntled fellas handing out phone numbers. So this is just another means for them to play the prank. Click-To-SMS which is really cheap can survive as people tender to ignore if its a spam.

Author: Webmaster