Exit iPod, Enter Zune Media Player

Come, November 14th, children’s day in India, you have dozen reasons to smile. Microsoft Inc will unveil its coolest product ever – Zune Media Player.

Zune with richer features than the iPod will give Apple Computer Inc a run for money. Zune and iPod are both likely to be priced at $249. However, you have the following advantages to own a Zune player over iPod.

  • Zune will support H.264 and MPEG-4 video as well as AAC audio, alongside the expected MP3 and Windows Media formats.
  • Built-in FM Tuner.
  • Pre-loaded content – Zune will ship with more than two dozen songs.
  • Zune also features wireless technology(wi fi enabled) that will let Zune users share favorite music, playlists and digital pictures with each other.
  • Zune is powered by a variant of Windows CE/Mobile and thus a platform is already established to port 1,000s of handheld applications to your player.

If you have recently bought an ipod, don’t worry, wait for a year longer, you can buy a Zune Mobile Phone.

Author: Webmaster