Explaining 126.97 Wireless Internet Subscribers

TRAI publishes report about the number of internet subscribers on different platforms. We were very surprised about the 126.97 Million Wireless Internet Subscribers number in this report [PDF]. Here is how TRAI explains the number,

The Wireless data subscribers of 126.97 million are those who are capable of accessing data services including Internet using their GSM/CDMA handsets and are accessing data services offered by their service providers. (Example : R-world provided by Reliance). Subscribers of Internet/Broadband using USB data Cards/PCMCIA cards are counted as Internet broadband customers, and service providers report them as under wireless broadband subscribers category.

So EVDO / WiMax and all other subscribers fall in the Internet broadband Subscribers Category which is still very small – 7.4 mn [Oct-2009].

Author: Webmaster