Google or Yahoo to Host Government Search

The ambitions of IT Ministry are dying with the stepping down of Dayanidhi Maran. They had earlier planned to develop a Vernacular Search Engine but with recent developments looks like they just want Yahoo! or Google to help them.

National Informatics Center, the backbone of Indian Government’s IT and also the .In domain name system is in talks with Yahoo! and Google seeking help to search more than 5,000 government sites and intranet servers. Currently NIC is being powered by Netscape Search.

In another development, TRAI has put an additional burden on NIC to Develop and Maintain the National Do Not Call Registry of India.

In Googleplex, Google’s revenue spinning machine AdSense’s, high-ranking Product Manager Gokul Rajaram has quit the company to launch his own startup. Gokul said,

Google had already understood how to match keywords with URLs, so the next step was building a matching algorithm and create an advertising system around it. Sergey had a mandate to launch it in June 2003. So we had less than six months. When we started AdSense, it was just me and four engineers.

Nearly 4 years later, the big names in the internet / software industry – Yahoo!, Microsoft, eBay etc are still trying hard to launch a competing product to AdSense – The Multi Billion dollar product for Google.

Author: Webmaster