Interactive Avenues – Lack of Online Metrics

Mr. Ratish Nair, CEO of Interactive Avenues a year old online Advertising startup, expressed his displeasure over lack of metrics to promote online advertising. He is concerned about varying figures of Internet numbers in India 12 Million to 52 Million and asks who is right ? According to TRAI, at the end of 2006, India had 8.6 Million Internet Subscribers[PDF]. Users will far outnumber subscribers as we still see lot of cybercafes in business along with few hundred thousand Indians accessing the web at work place.

Mr. Nair asksHow many finance/business sites can a media planner name ? You need not worry how many sites of blogs exist on Indian Finance. Just get used to Google’s AdWords platform and they will target your Ads to the right audience. Gone are the days of having just handful of web properties for information. Online Advertising is all about Technology and no more the lobby of Advertisers and Marketing folks. Thanks to Salar Kamangar, a Biological Science major @ Stanford who defined and launched the Most Innovative Online Advertising Platform – AdWords. Google has also introduced Placement Reports for Advertisers to have greater control on their spend with tons of reports and metrics for future campaigns.

Mr. Nair does raise some valid questions about the reach and lack of metrics companies such as comScore. A closer study on Indian Internet Advertising exists from Pinstorm.

Author: Webmaster