Nortel to conduct IPTV Trials

Canadian telecom, Nortel is planning to conduct IPTV trials in India. It has tied up with LG to manufacture its settop boxes.

The company plans to use the services and networks of Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd and Reliance Communications Limited. However, Bharti has been totally silent over its IPTV launch. Reliance Communications Limited with its 80,000Km dark fibreoptic network is in a fix whether to go for IPTV or Dish TV. IPTV is unlikely to gain a major market in the absence of cheap hardware and poor bandwidth at last mile (mere 256KBPs). In any case a subscriber wouldn’t want to shell out Rs1,000-2,500 for high bandwidth connection and another Rs400 for TV channel subscription every month when Dish TV lets you enjoy all the comforts at mere Rs300 per month.

Author: Webmaster