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Bangalore, Government OfficeCan you imagine this is happening in INDIA? Yes!!! The Government seems to be taking e-Governance very seriously. They have launched a new Portal – Online Public Grievance Lodging and Monitoring System.

The govt. wants people to use this tool to highlight the problems they faced while dealing with Government officials or departments like Passport Office, Electricity board, BSNL/MTNL, Railways etc.

Testimony of Online Public Grievance Lodging and Monitoring System:

A reader of our blog lives in Faridabad. Couple of months back, the Faridabad Municipal Corporation laid new roads in his area and the residents were very happy about it. But 2 weeks later, BSNL dug up the newly laid roads to install new cables which annoyed all the residents including this guy. But it was only this guy! Who used the above listed grievance forum to highlight his concern. And to his surprise, BSNL and Municipal Corporation of Faridabad were served a show cause notice and the guy received a copy of the notice in one week. Government has asked the MC and BSNL about the goof up as it’s clear that both the government departments were not in sync at all.

So use this grievance forum and educate others who don’t know about this facility. This way we can at least raise our concerns instead of just talking about the ‘ System ‘ in India. Invite your friends to contribute for many such happenings. Kindly be patient as these systems will take time to stabilize and don’t lose your heart if complaint goes unattended for few days as we know – It only happens in India 😉

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