Reliance Broadband Plans, Tariffs and Review

Reliance has officially launched its WiMax Broadband in Bangalore today for Business and Residential users as well. goBroadband had broken the news about Reliance WiMax Broadband exactly a month ago.

Reliance Broadband Plans for Residence: [Wireless Broadband]
Speed 150 Kbps + Unlimited Download – Rs 750 / Month
Speed 300 Kbps + Unlimited Download – Rs 999 / Month
Speed 600 Kbps + Unlimited Download – Rs 1,799 / Month
Service Taxes + Installation Charges are extra.

Pre-Paid Residential Reliance Broadband:
Speed 150 Kbps + Unlimited Download – Rs 3,750 for 6 Months
Speed 150 Kbps + Unlimited Download – Rs 7,500 for 12 Months

Reliance Business Broadband Plans for SME/SMB: [Wireless Broadband]
Speed 100 Kbps + Unlimited Download – Rs 1,250 / Month
Speed 300 Kbps + Unlimited Download – Rs 4,000 / Month
Speed 600 Kbps + Unlimited Download – Rs 11,100 / Month
Service Taxes + Installation Charges are extra.

Business customers also get the to add the following packages,

  • Anti Virus Software Subscription + Firewall security
  • Business E-mail + Domain Name Services
  • Wireless Networking within Office or Wired LAN
  • Static IP

We don’t recommend Reliance Business E-Mail and Domain Services. Our Broadband Analyst recommends use of Google Apps for Domain Names.

Initial Reviews of Reliance Wireless Broadband are here.

Reliance WiMax / Wireless broadband is currently up and running in the cities of Bangalore /Bengalooru and Pune. To get more info on Reliance Broadband contact the following

Reliance : 3033 8787 or SMS BIS to 7333 e-mail:
Bangalore contact Numbers: 99800-62800 or 98863-49624

Do send us your feedback on Reliance Broadband.

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18 thoughts on “Reliance Broadband Plans, Tariffs and Review

  1. Reliance broadband is not sending our monthly bill by post as has been fixed by us, instead they are sending through e mail. This is not fair. Request the authorities to send the bill by post.

    for Blueview Health services India Ltd.
    Pradip Kumar Pal
    Chief Admn. Manager

  2. i want reliance internet unlimited plan. i heard that its may be around 550 rs per month. can you give idea about this plan? i am now located in hyd malakpet!

  3. I am using reliance post paid internet since last 45 days at Allahabad (UP). Presently I am proceeding on leave at my native place i.e in Rajasthan. On reaching at Rajasthan my internet connection not work. Please advise further action.

  4. i’m using reliance net connect 750 pm plan and the speed i get after the initial 5 gb is beyond pathetic! the connection goes off when i’m in the middle of something! hell, i can’t even run a connection test! yeah, it’s that slow! do any of you know of a decent broadband plan with about 50 gb of monthly download?

  5. iā€™m using reliance net connect 750 pm plan,and suddenly the broadband is not working due to technical problems and i ve to use it on 150 kbps speed which is pathetic , why should i pay such a heavy price for this , plz dont bye reliance data card its a total waste

  6. I am using reliance broadband(3.1MBPs)in new Delhi . it works fine and always gives 1MBps speed and speed is very good compare to other available ISP in Delhi.
    But the Relianc customer care service is very pathetic. reliance customer care is team of jokers
    The bloody joakers disconnected my services 4 times in 2 month and explian that they don’t have all the document .Inspite of this my connection was 2 years old. Later on they resume my services and say sorry for their mistake. But unfortunatlly after 2 days they again disconnect my services and and again one of sr. executive said sorry for service interuption.

    Finally I disconnected the service and bought MTS connetion and got releif from interacting with these duffer executives.Nobody listen to your complaint in reliance even you send mail higher authority.


  7. This is cheating. I have been using Netconnect + since last 3 months and every month there is some problem or the other. All my previous problems got resolved after I compromised on some issues. But last month what happened is not acceptable. I got prepaid recharge of Rs. 800 and they promise unlimited usage ( 5 GB Hi speed and thereafter unlimited on 1x speed ) for 30 days. But this didn’t happen. After 20 days My netconnect started giving error and it would not connect to internet. On enquiring with customer care I was told that since u have used 25 GB ur core balance has been deducted and now it has become zero so now ur 800 plan stands invalid. WTH?? I purchased reliance because they promised unlimited usage else would have chosen other ISP. what kind of unlimited usage is this?? only 25 GB for Rs. 800 ?? Why doesn’t reliance say that its only 25 GB? Why do they hide this? And in the last 3 months I have never got 3.1 Mbps ( as claimed by reliance) . Max downloading speed was 400kbps (night) 150kbps(daytime) on high speed [and on 1x speed max downloading speed is 23 kbps]. I recommend all of you not to purchase reliance netconnect. They are cheating. Don’t get duped else you’ll waste ur money. I want to sue u for this, reliance netconnect.

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