Reliance Communications announces quarterly results

Finally, the Anil Ambani controlled Reliance Infocomm thought it was time to declare results and bring some transperency. Blame it on the Indian government’s telecom policy or Ambani’s inherited busienss practice, it is still not very clear who holds how much in Reliance Infocomm with so many subsidiaries and cross holdings.

Anyway, lets take a closer look at the results. Results ? Where are they ??? Just this piece of release at the time this blog was written. I was really bent upon studying the numbers like Bharti-Airtel discloses(Indian GAAP and breakup of business segments) but I am disappointed. E-mails sent to ADA’s office were treated as though bloggers are like untouchables and the office thinks only newspapers as relevant media.

Reliance Communications had a revenue of Rs3250 crores and a net profit of Rs513 crores(No breakup given) for Q1 ending June-30 2006.. While Bharti-Airtel had revenues of Rs3856 crores and a net profit of Rs755 crores for the same period. Anyway, I personally recommend to avoid Reliance Communications until they really understand what corporate governance is or maybe they can hire services of N.R.Naryan Murthy 🙂

Author: Webmaster