Security glitches in Bharti-Airtel Broadband portal

I am trying to access and seeing this picture. Looks to me like its mis-configuration of iplanet server. Big deal ? Well, Bharti-Airtel broadband is India’s number two broadband service provider and you don’t expect their Dev/Test Manager to run such a poor show. They have exposed some source code as well. What will their million customers think of them ? Who cares 😉 Exactly. I first called the registrant of the domain, “” at 011.51709045 and then 011.41709045 but none replied. Then I called their Delhi office # 011-416 66000 at 22:19 IST and the gentleman who answerd the phone didn’t even know what a website was. So finally I got their customer care number in Karnataka 4251234 and alerted them.
Indian companies, really especially the Telecom service providers still don’t consider

“Customer is the most important vistior on their premises” as told by the Father of their Nation, Ghandhiji.

Sooner Foreign/MNC companies will teach Indians the first lesson of globalization, you were in business because you had customers 😉

Author: Webmaster