Anti-Reservation studenst release ringtones.

Folks opposed to the government of India’s implementation of additional reservation based on caste and race have released a ringtone to create mass awareness and let others know about what they are going through. Ofcourse they are the cerative and innovative pillars for a better and brighter India who have come up with this idea 🙂 They have tied up with PRXOnline and released ringtones for your cell phones. Download them here. Their is no download link visible on the website, you have to click on PRXPro(Gentleman on bottom right hand part of your screen). or Click here to download.
Lyrics is something like,

Koi Chota Nahin, Koi Bada Bhi Nahin. Hum Sab Hey Desh Key, Hey Aam Nagrik.Hum Darengey Nahin, Hum Thakengye Nahin…

Aggressively forward the link and exchange ringtones through Bluetooth or Infrared. Spread the message. Indian telcos have remained silent and are not letting you download this ringtone from their network and have rejected it to be someones caller tune as well. Cellcos have to do business and don’t want to take sides and face embaressment and bashings from our RACIST Netas.

NOTE: I have got responses asking for the link. Available in MP3 and AMR formats here.

Author: Webmaster