Sify Anywhere + Classifieds Deal – Desperate Move to Mature

NASDAQ listed Sify has taken two major decisions in a desperate move to mature and survive the point of inflection.

It announced the launch of Sify Anywhere, which will allow Sify users access to the Net from anywhere. Sify broadband subscribers will now be able to access their accounts from any Sify kiosk at airport, hotels. Sify Wi-Fi spots or Sify iWay cafe.

In another development, Sify today handed over the classified section of its portal to be managed by Sulekha. Essentially, Sulekha will serve the same ads on Sulekha Classifieds and Sify Classifieds. Sulekha is powered by Google AdSense and Google as a search engine hates to see the same content on two different websites. The site which the Google crawls first will be treated as original and other as duplicate and this may severely affect the rankings of Sify Classifieds as Engineers at Sulekha will automate the submission process to Google such that their portal gets higher rank.

Author: Webmaster