Bharti Airtel Bill Pay via SMS

Bharti Airtel has introduced a new feature that will let a subscriber pay his mobile bills by means of SMS. So where will they Debit a subscriber account ? To avail this service you must be registered with Bharti Airtel using your VISA Credit Card. [Mastercard will follow soon]. Once registered, you need not go to Airtel shop, just send an SMS and the bill will be paid. To register, send an SMS mchek to 121 from your Airtel Mobile.

So what’s the big deal ? Can’t I just use auto Debit on my Credit Card which they are already offering ? Exactly!!! Airtel has realized the potential of m-commerce in India and is basically testing water on its large subscriber base of 42 Million and then it may announce a full blown m-commerce system instead of availing services from third parties few quarters from now.

Bharti Airtel promoters – Mittal family, is already using its Telecom subscriber base to market Bharti Axa Life Insurance products which is a privately held company and is no way linked to Bharti Airtel, the listed entity.

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  1. I want to pay my mobile bill online but it keeps asking mcheck what is MCheck Please reply soooon

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