Slow Wireless Internet Popular – Demand for 3G

According to the latest figures released by TRAI, India has 117 mn Wireless Internet Subscribers [March-31st] [i.e accessing the web using GSM / CDMA Mobile Networks] Compare this to mere 6.52 mn broadband subscribers [June-30th] and 13.5 mn Dial-up Internet subscribers.

This also means 1/4th of all Wireless Subscribers in India access the Web. This need not be via laptops [PCMCIA Card / USB, etc] but could be through their handsets as TRAI collects data of all users who have activated GPRS and have gone online. Wireless access by this means is extremely slow, at least for us who are used to 512 Kbps and higher speeds.

Since Indians like to access the web on the move, this justifies the huge demand for 3G if they are priced appropriately in the context of Indian market.

And the Nostalgia of Dial-up access – These subscribers are online for 226 Minutes a month [something which we are online every day ;-)] and pay Rs 230 / month to their rspecive ISPs.

Author: Webmaster