Tata DoCoMo 3G Plan Tariffs

Tata DoCoMo has released its 3G Plan tariffs to us and they stand as below. The plans are available between Rs 500 and Rs 2000 and are expensive as expected due to the huge spectrum cost.

The Rs 500 / Month plan will get you 750 Minutes of Calling with 250 MB of Data Download. This is useful for light users and we recommend this plan to somebody who has lots of e-maisl to attend on the go. Otherwise, with the data allowed for download you can watch around 60 Songs each of 4 Minutes 🙂

The Rs 2,000 / Month plan will get you 5000 Calls and 2 GB of Data Transfer. Recommended for heavy users. However, the pricing is very high compared to BSNL 3G Data Cards which one can carry with their laptops and enjoy unlimited surfing.

Tata DoCoMo 3G has also introduced Data Plans on Mobile – 200 MB at Rs 200 / Month and 650 MB at Rs 500 / Month.

Tata DoCoMO 3G – Data Only Plans for Laptop / Netbooks – Rs 2000 / Month with 15 GB of Data Download and excellent speed of over 10 Mbps. For the light user, Rs 1,000 / Month you get Data download of 5 GB at speed around 1Mbs to 3 Mbps.

All bill plans will attract an additional 10% Service Tax. Do let us know your initial reviews of Tata DoCoMo 3G Broadband and Video Calling experience in various parts of the country which will help other users to make their choice.

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7 thoughts on “Tata DoCoMo 3G Plan Tariffs

  1. wait INDIA wait… till world is moving towards “4G” & you are waiting to settle-down the “2g” GHOTALA

    1. Tata Photon / Reliance NetConnect Broadband+ or MTS or BSNL EVDO whichever is available in your area.

  2. i am planning to buy a dongle… please suggest me a good dongle with good data plans (atleat 2GB per month) and below 500 per month range.. speed need notr be tooo great! decent speed is enough! please do suggest soon

    1. Instead of 3G USB Dongle, go for Tata Phton+ because you can roam across India and I think they have starter plan at Rs 650.

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