Why e-Commerce Sucks in India ?

My online shopping experience in India so far has been awful. It sux to shop online with Indian Portals especially FirstandSecond.com, online book retailer.

I ordered a book on Saturday(02-Sept) and they asked me not to pay until they make sure the book was available. WTF ? If you don’t have the book available then why did you let me purchase it. Read On.. Finally they asked me to pay for it and the payment was processed on Mon(04-Sept). Their e-mail system is terrible. Keeps sending multiple copies of the same e-mail.

They then sent me another e-mail saying they are procuring the book(04-Sept). As of today(08-sept) the order is still under processing(It’s not even shipped). So are they searching on the streets of Delhi for my book before they ship it ? My order # 00611-20900-50460.

Trust me this is not how e-commerce works. It should be all instantenous without any further effort from the consumer. (I had to call DELHI 4 times and fed up of dealing with them, I decided to expose them). Please don’t shop on FirstandSecond.com. FirstandSecond.Com Sux. NEVER EVER SHOP on FirstandSecond.com.

Author: Webmaster