Cellular Handset Statistsics

India will be the second largest market for Nokia after China leaving US behind in the next 2 years and it seems that Indians love Nokia more than the Americans.

Here are some interesting statistics about mobile handset usage in India,

  • Affluent Indians spend over USD 500 on mobile handets every year. No Joke.
  • Over 93 Percent of Male Consumers are aware of all the major handsets released in India. [Mobile handset is the most sought after gossip amongst Indians after Cricket and Bollywood] Well women are not behind, 86% of the women catch up with the latest.
  • 60% of the men and 45% of the women change or BUY at least one new handset every 12 months.
  • And mobile phone is a status symbol which makes 35% men and 21% women change their handset every 4 months 🙂

So if you are serious about mobile handset business, especially manufacturing, then kindly contact industry friendly IT Minister, Dayanidhi Maran and you will have your approval within couple of days.

Author: Webmaster