COAI blasts Tatas

COAI has blasted Tata’s stand on the new spectrum policy to which Tatas had filed objections. It is very well known that Tatas first joined the IDEA consortium and then backed out of IDEA when the Ambanis lobbied with late Shri Pramod Mahajan for CDMA technology to join the telecom war using CDMA.

Tatas first alleged that the subscriber numbers of the other operators were fudged. Now they accede that other operators have a headstart. Strangely, they expect front runners in a fiercely competitive marketplace to stop running in the race so that a laggard (the Tatas) can catch up,” said TV Ramachandran, director general of COAI.

It has been the policy of the government since 2002 that operators with a higher market share need more spectrum. This found favour with all operators including the Tatas. Why this opposition so late in the day? said CEO of a leading Cellco.

Tata’s are far behind in the Rat Race for mobile subscribers 😉

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