How to book iPhone with Airtel ?

Bharti Airtel along with Apple will launch 3G iPhone at half the cost of what Nokia launched its N78 phone. You should be a Bharti Airtel Post Paid or Pre Paid subscriber and send an SMS iphone to 54321 [Toll Free]. The response you will get is,

Thank you for your interest in the most innovative phone brought yo you by Airtel. This device combines three products in one – a revolutionary phone, a wide screen iPod and a breakthrough internet device with e-mail and desktop class web browser. For more details reply to this sms with iphone space space . We will shortly send you an e-mail with complete details.

I replied as instructed and the next message was,

…..We shall get in touch with you more details.

I am still waiting for their call. Being a premium customer [customers with monthly bill of atleast Rs 2,000] I hope I will have some priority over the others looking at the tremendous response they have already got just by the announcement.

Author: Webmaster