Nokia N Series Mobiles pre-loaded with Movies

If Steve Jobs and Ballmer think that iPod and Zune are the entertainment devices, they are so wrong about it. Teens in this part of the world want a Triple Play (Mobile Phone, Digi Cam and Music) ready to go handheld device.

In a new marketing gimmick, Nokia Corp, has decided to pre-load on its Nokia N93 Mobile Phone, Hollywood’s super hit movie, Mission Impossible 3. This coincides with MI3’s DVD release on Oct-30th.

Nokia N93 has a QVGA 320*240 display. It also comes with a built-in 512MB memory card. The pre-loaded movie is streamed at 25 fps and has stereo quality audio. It’s FREE when you pay for the N93 🙂

Check out the Nokia N Series Music edition set for Launch in November in India.

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