Reliance Vs Airtel – Customer Care is the Difference

Handsets Makers in India have little value for consumers buying high end handsets. Lately, high end handsets are launched by Cellular operators in association with handset manufacturers and in one such instance Blackberry and Reliance Communications are in trouble.

Motilal Oswal Venture Capital’s VP – Mr. Anuranjan Mohnot has sent a legal notice under the unfair trade practice clause to Reliance communications and Blackberry. The internal screeon of Manoj’s handset was cracked and when he went to the Reliance Blackberry center, he was told to BUY a new handset as the cost of replacing the screen was whopping Rs 12,000 and the cost of new handset Rs 15,000.

Reliance Communications washed off its hands saying its the responsibility of Manufacturer. If this is the fate of esteemed corporate customers such as Manoj, then what about other Reliance Mobile subscribers ?

Bharti Airtel known and excelling in India for its unmatched customer care and business model said they have dedicated helpline to provide hardware and software support with RIM certified engineers. They can also provide with standby Blackberry handsets so that no users face any disruption of services.

Author: Webmaster