SMS Compression + Clever Text Completion

Here is some innovation in the usual SMS text messages which is very popular in India. CleverTexting has developed a technology which enables to compress your SMS message and also lends a helping hand while composing the message with completion by prediction much more than dictionary. All this is possible by CleverText embedded mobile software.

Their compression technology enables you to send 210 char SMS packed into a single SMS [160 char] Their algorithm does ithe compression. However, the receiving party must also have the CleverText software to read the message. If they have the software installed, then the message automatically opens with CleverText software.

For prediction and completion, CleverTexting uses this insight on the nature of languages to make the predictions as you type. And it does so very accurately. It is a dictionary less system and in fact is so lightweight that is has no dictionary in it. CleverTexting does the prediction based on the statistical nature of a particular language which is essentially the popular phonemes and syllabary extant in a language, that works very well.

It is available for FREE download and also works with your touch-screen phone like iPhone. Do let us know your feedback to us.

Author: Webmaster