Ad Sponsored Web 2.0 – Hit the Exit Button

If you are a Web 2.0 startup banking on the Advertising Model, then its better you hit the exit button sooner as Intel’s Andy Grove has come down heavily on such startups which are a mere get rich quickly, attitude.

Andy Grove said,

These days, people cobble something together. No capital. No technology. They measure eyeballs and sell advertising. Then they get rid of it. You can’t build an empire out of this kind of concoction. You don’t even try.

In the context of India, goBroadband does an excellent analysis on how Indian startups have the mindset of commoditization without any original idea and seriously lack innovation. Adding to the woes of these startups is the drop in Advertising Dollars which is likely to deteriorate further as we move into 2009.

Author: Webmaster