AdMagnet – One More Ad Network

Google set the online advertising market on fire and since then everybody wants a slice of the market. However, what many failed to realize is that Google succeeded in the online advertising market because of their bleeding edge technology and encouraging Small and Medium Businesses to advertise on their platform. Microsoft, eBay and Yahoo are trying to develop competing platforms for over 4 years now but with very little luck.

However, in the context of India, the scenario is lot different. With pathetic 32 million active Internet users in India [Dec-2007] and lack of awareness amongst SMEs about online advertisement, many startups have adopted and offline marketing approach to SMEs including limited such offering from Google.

Today, Interactive Avenues Marketing Solutions has also launched their online advertising initiative – AdMagnet. Their offerings include Media (planning and buying), Campaign Management, Search (SEM and SEO), Web Design & Creatives, and Interactive Marketing.

The modus operandi of these companies is to have SME clients and market on their behalf on other networks such as Google [SEM and AdSense] and Yahoo! Here is a list of Online Advertising & Marketing companies in India.

Author: Webmaster