Sulekha + Bloggers = Next Generation Publishing

ibibo was the first one to reward bloggers [distributed Rs1.5 crore] encouraging them to produce original content. Sulekha, another Web 2.0 startup focused on Indian and the NRI community has now come up with a new idea [actually borrowed from Google’s YouTube profit sharing] to publish books about bloggers’ original work.

Every month, two books will be published one of them will be the work of an individual blogger and the other will be that of few chosen bloggers. The books will go for sale on IndiaPlaza and will be priced at Rs 200. Sulekha will give away the entire profits from the sale of books to the blogger/s. [They are already making money on his/her blog hosted on] Who knows tomorrow they might sell the e-version of the book as well and a Win-Win situation for both 🙂

So if you are a talented and aspiring to be a writer, Sulekha is the best place for you to test your skills. One thing is for sure, the Internet will change the face of Publishing industry.

Author: Webmaster