Cellebrum from Mobile VAS to incubation funding

Cellebrum, the mobile VAS provider is investing close to Rs 50 crores into an incubation fund targetting companies into the mobile space. Lehman Brothers is also expected to invest $15 million in the company.

Dilip Modi said,

We have charted out a Rs 100-crore investment plan for Cellebrum’s expansion over the next 12-18 months. Of the total kitty of Rs 100 crore, around Rs 50 crore will be used to start an incubation fund. The incubation fund will be used to fund entrepreneurs who have business idea in the mobile VAS sector.

Does this mean an end to innovation at Cellebrum that it wants to fund and depend on innovation by other companies ?

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1 thought on “Cellebrum from Mobile VAS to incubation funding

  1. Indian market is yet to mature and very few people get necessary funding, for want of which, lot many Great Ideas have seen DEATH. Cellebrum shall help conversion of deserving ones into reality, ensuring a situation that created Hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley. This indeed is a path breaking decision.

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