Internships – Finally for the deserving Indian Students

The Indian student had been long deprived of internships while he is still in college. Not any more. With a vibrant job market, companies are willing to hire pre-final and final-year graduate students as interns during summer or even during college days if they are local and can manage their class work and office work.

This is a great step in exposing the Indian youth to the competitive world while he is still in college. This will also help them understand What they want to do in Life ? What are they passionate about and hence make better careers. is platform to bring the Indian student and Companies on a common platform. The company website says,

….connecting the internship needs of the students in professional courses to the requirements for interns and apprentices by companies, both nationally and abroad.

So what are you entrepreneurs waiting for, just fill in the gaps that exist in the Indian Economy and Society. This is the best time to realize your Startup Dream. Go Start your company now. Contact feedback @

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