Minekey raises $3 Million from NEA IndoUS Ventures

Minekey – Blog recommendation Widget company has raised first round of funding of $3 Million from NEA Indo US Ventures.

Minekey is a Valley based company with development centre at New Delhi and R&D centre located at IIT Kharagpur. The company is founded by Delip Andra, who founded Euclid and sold to e4e. Dr. Sudeshna Sarkar is the Chief Scientist and leads the company’s R&D center.

Minekey’s widgets allow you to be placed on your blog or site where it will recommend 5 more stories to visitors. The recommendation is not mere processing of RSS feeds. They have lot of Algorithms to analyze which stories to recommend. The appearance of the Widget can be customized but not to a very great extent. After having reviewed the Widget, i am wondering how are they going to make money ? Place a Text Link Ad or small Ad inside the Widget ? Your thoughts ?

Author: Webmaster