OnYoMo – Local Search on WAP

The next time if you are lost looking for a Pizza Corner or a ICICI Bank in a new neighborhood, just think of OnYoMoOn Your Mobile. The local directory search engine of India and probably the best has unveiled a WAP portal.

You can access OnYoMo’s WAP Portal at OWAP.in from your Mobile handset. The service is currently available to residents of Bangalore / Bengalooru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai and Pune.

Why should you use OWAP.in and not those expensive Rs 3 SMS services ? Because most of us subscribe for WAP access at mere Rs 100 / Month. Also you have the choice to look for more locations when you are surfing the WAP enabled portal instead of relying on SMS sent by those premium services which limits the data.

We tested the service and it is really cool, though still in Beta. Some of the shortcomings are – the Call & Save feature doesn’t work. Also OnYoMo needs to improve on search because the result set was too big.

Author: Webmaster

1 thought on “OnYoMo – Local Search on WAP

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for mentioning and using our wap offering.
    As you mentioned we are still in beta and will keep improving our offerings and features.

    About the “call” and “save” options, unfortunately some of the older browsers don’t support such features (most nokia browsers and new versions of opera mini do support it though), but we still decided to put it, so that atleast a large set can use it. We hope that sooner than later this will be supported by most of the browsers.

    About the search results, we try to retrieve all results which may be useful to a user, with rankings taking care of relevance to the user queries. So that one need not type “too much” on a phone keypad. We are constantly analyzing user behavior and you will keep seeing improvements. Though if there are some cases where you think results were not accurate, It would be great if you can drop us a message.

    We hope that you keep using our services and giving us feedback.

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