Subsidized Microsoft Software for Startups

Just last week we saw VCs most successful businessman – John Doerr asking Startups his company has funded to be careful about expenses. Today Microsoft has announced Microsoft BizSpark initiative where in Startups less than 3 years old with less than $1 mn in revenues can join the program and avail almost FREE Microsoft Software for production use.

Startups will have almost FREE access to Windows Client and Server operating system with Microsoft Visual Studio – Programing Language and Tools. They can also use SQL-Server, Exchange Server for e-mails and unified communication development. Additionally they can also avail Microsoft Office suite along with Share Point and Biz Talk Servers.

Enrollmenti s FREE and once you are 3 year old or your revenues cross $1 mn , you pay a $100 exit fee. More details here. Finally the Redmond Giant has woken to competition from Open Source and Free Software Foundation 🙂

Author: Webmaster