3G WCDMA + HSPA – Initial Plan by Operators

In the recently held Road Ahead for Indian Telecom conference, operators are quite optimistic about the future of Growth in India. Here is what they have set their initial rollout plans on 3G WCDMA and HSPA.

As the Drama over 3G continues far better than any Hindi serial, cut back in spectrum to be auctioned to three slots vs. four, if it occurs, would increase the pricing uncertainty around the auctions, especially for the incumbents.

Key applications for 3G could include browsing & searching, email and music. Location-based services, user generated content, surveillance are also other applications that could gain traction with the launch of 3G.

Handset prices remain a concern; however, uptake in 3G services should allow prices for handsets to trend lower. Other form factors, such as net-books, will start to gain better traction as mobile broadband and data applications take off. There is also likely to be a greater bundling of service and handset with 3G. Potential target customers include Corporates, Professionals and Youth from Affluent tech-savvy Families.

While WCDMA and HSPA would remain a voice and data service, the industry sees EV-DO and WiMAX emerging as a strong data service, given the low fixedline broadband penetration.

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