50% of Falcon Bandwidth Sold – Reliance

Reliance Communications Ltd, promoted Falcon international bandwidth line with a capacity of 90 Gigabits is half sold. Falcon dark fibre was lit in early September. Falcon is a 11,000 Km undersea cable connecting 11 countries. Reliance is now scaling the capacity of the network to 2.5 Terabits.

Reliance is looking at tapping the enhanced potential as the process of liberalisation of the incumbent operators and the broadband impetus by most of the Gulf countries moves ahead.

Beating the recessionary trends in international bandwidth, Indian carrier Reliance is ringing in its cash register. Analyzing its latest quarterly results, we find that it derived 30% of its income from international bandwidth business. Sure Reliance is another telecom giant that will rise in the ranks of “Emerging Asian Telecom Giants“.

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