Visitor Statistics on Broadband India and Analysis

Today I was at a meeting with one of my old acquaintances who is a stock broker. In the meeting he quoted “Brutus is an honourable Man” and said that their are still lot of Indians who are insecure to host their data on a website and prefer to have it on their PC and when they change their mind, he would think of web services.

OS Stats: To design his forms, I thought let me check BroadbandIndia’s visitor statistics and to my surprise I have found that, only 4.5% users use Windows 98/ME. This is a good news for Windows Application Developers because Managed Code is a HELL on those two operating systems. I will still collect his client base information and see if the figures are any different.

Browser Stats: In early August, the share of IE users was significant. It was 90%. Latest data tells me that Firefox users have gone up to 16.36% and Opera to 1.88% the rest with Internet Explorer. Google has finally changed the users mind to go for FireFox.

Screen: Still a whopping 40% use 800*600 resolution. I think its because of the cheap availability of 15 inch flat screen monitors.

Rest: 97% are Java and Flash enabled.

Author: Webmaster