Hutch Customers beware of Fake Offers

You are reading this first here: Telecom India has got to know about a fake call center racket that operated from South Delhi offering Hutch customers upgrade to their existing plan.

Modus Operandi, the fraudsters have procured Hutch subscribers database [Stolen ?] and they would call the consumers offering schemes such as Cheaper ISD calls, Upgraded existing number to premium Number such as 90000 or 88888, etc. They would then send an executive to the subscribers address and collect cash and disappear. The quantum of cash involved is still under investigation and Delhi Police has already arrested two persons in this connection. Hutch Essar is now Vodafone Essar.

Bharti Airtel’s business model was applauded by IBM CEO Sam Palmisano during IBM business leadership forum in China where top CEOs from the western world participated. In Feb-2004, Sunil Mittal, CEO of Bharti took a bold step in outsourcing its cellular network operations to its equipment vendors – Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens. Sunil’s views were he could focus more on better customer service. This rocked the IBM forum as this was a bold and unique move by any large telco/cellco in the world.

After 2 years, Hutch a joint venture between Hutchinson Whampoa and Essar group is following similar model by outsourcing their network operations to Nokia.

Author: Webmaster