StopBadware inducted in Google’s Engine

Google Inc, the company which openly mentioned its corporate punch line as “Do No Evil” is fighting the Evil companies by Issuing a Warning as shown above in its search results. Now if you still want to access the website thinking your Windows Service Pack or Anti-Virus will protect you, Google doesn’t let you go directly. It issues another WARNING and asks you to visit the site at your own risk. Yahoo! and MSN Search engines can neither detect it, nor issue a warning.

This is a direct effort of Google and other companies who together formed StopBadware campaign because of Microsoft’s inability to protect its own customers.

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  1. StopBadWare.Org has a noble mission, but they are often incorrect in flagging and delisting sites. They permanently damage the reputation of sites with no malicious or silent programs. Furthermore, StopBadWare.Org will not produce the evidence/scans of the site. Even worse, they do not contact Web Administrators, despite claims to the contrary. See my blog at

  2. Hi, I work for StopBadware, and I’d like to clear up any confusion from the comment above. StopBadware and Google have very different roles. It’s Google that finds the sites with badware and places warnings in their search results. It’s also Google that makes a good faith effort to contact webmasters to let them know their sites were flagged and where they can get information about what’s wrong. StopBadware is involved as an independent organization from which site owners can request an impartial review.

    If anyone would like to read more about the Google warnings, please see our FAQ:

    For folks concerned about the security of their own websites, check out

    Erica George
    StopBadware Online Organizer

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