JANET chooses VSNL’s Global Bandwidth

If Google is planning to lay its own optical fibre network on the Trans-Pacific route, UK’s network for research and education, JANET has chosen VSNL for its high bandwidth global internet access across the UK.

JANET connects the UK’s universities, FE colleges, research councils, specialist colleges and adult and community learning providers to each other as well as to the rest of the world through links to the global internet. The company will be providing an aggregate capacity of 40 Gbps via four OC192 ports from two diverse locations in London as part of a multiple year agreement.

The VSNL global IP network touts 700 Gbps of high-speed OC-192/STM-64 IP backbone capacity throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Asia. It offers land, sea & sky internet connectivity to customers spanning across 5 continents and over 195 countries, carrying more than 380 petabits of traffic globally per month.

Author: Webmaster