RupeeMail – Get Paid to Read E-mails

Anil Lakhwara and his team have setup Rupeemail, an e-mail service, filled with advertisements. You basically get paid to read your e-mails. You earn money by opening and reading the contents of RupeeMail. Senders are known and verified who are paying you to read their e-mails.

The money will be paid after you accumulate Rs 200 or you can donate to charity. What a Joke ? In the aftermath of National Do Not Call registry going live in India, I am seeing increasing number of Advertisements in my Rediffmail Inbox. Not to forget, there are these SMS startup companies who are willing to pay users to read SMS based Advertisements.

I fail to understand that there are so many P.hDs on the board of OIVMail, promoter of RupeeMail who are re-testing the Dot Com Bust business model. Who in the world would want to read junk, spam and advertisements ?

Author: Webmaster