Indyarocks introduces Social Money

Mobile and Online social networking portal marks a new chapter in the Indian social networking scene by launching first of its kind “Social Money” program.

Social Money program is an innovation by Indyarocks where the members will be rewarded for their day to day interaction with friends and family and it is also a way to reward user generated content (UGC).

Dr. Vishnu, Head of Strategy said

Social Money is just one way for us to reward our users for the great buzz they create at Indyarocks. From now on, all the members of Indyarocks will earn money whenever they use the FREE SMS Scraps or upload/view Videos at Indyarocks.

In order to earn money Indyarocks users are not required to do anything new or unusual or force themselves into getting unwanted messages. The users will continue to do what they have been doing all this while i.e. interact and share with their friends and family in a safe and secure environment.

Author: Webmaster