Motorola and ZTE out of BSNL 3G Equipment Race

“Motorola and ZTE both have been disqualified on the basis of failing to meet stringent technical norms specified by BSNL”, said R L Dube, Director, Planning – BSNL India Limited.

Only three companies are in race now, Nokia, Siemens and Ericsson. However, after bidding for the mega $5 Billion 3G GSM tender, Nokia and Siemens have merged their global network operations into Nokia Siemens Networks. The tender rule stated that, 60% of the contract will goto the lowest bidder and the remaining 40% to the second lowest bidder. It would be interesting to see the BSNL decision, if either of Nokia or Siemens emerged as the lowest and the second lowest bidders. Historically, BSNL and other government owned agencies are not in favor of delegating the entire work to any single party. Keep your fingers crossed and more updates will follow soon.

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Author: Webmaster