I Build. I Bond – ibibo community networking site goes live

The social or community networking bug has now bitten Indian online entrepreneur’s. MTV India recently launched Meet or Delete, ibibo today launched it’s public beta and you can use their blog and photo sharing web service just like Blogger and Flickr. ibibo is a part of MIH India promoted by Naspers.

Ashish Kashyap, CEO, MIH India, said
We have just launched the beta version of our products. We will add four to six new applications to Ibibo.com. Our aim will be to empower the users to come together and network. We will be launching another three to four products within six months’ time“. He further added, ““We have launched these products keeping an eye organizational momentum and to show that we can build products very fast. We have built these products within just 20 days

When asked why users would join such a new platform for blogging and photo-sharing when there were established players in the domain like Blogger and Flickr, Kashyap said, ““Our value proposition will be clear when the product portfolio will be complete. Our focus will be on local Indian community not the global audience. We will continue to be innovative and nimble, which I don’t see in most of such sites. Most importantly, we will be disproportionately rewarding our users, which is a first among such networking sites”

This will be a very good competitor to MTV’s Meet or Delete as Mr Kashyap also wants to spend heavily on advertising and marketing.

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