Ortel Cable to diversify into Telecom

Ortel Communications, with Cable TV service as its core business is now venturing into basic telephony services. Ortel also offers broadband internet services. Cable TV operators in India were a secured lot because of no competition and they ruled the space for over a decade with no innovation by just ripping of customers. Since last 2 years they are facing increasing competition from DTH providers like Tata Sky Dish TV , Zee Dish TV and others.

One of the first operators to wake up to competition is Ortel Communications Limited of Orissa. They have paid Rs5 crores license fees for basic telephony operations for the state or Orissa and will provide this as an value added service to its existing Cable TV subscribers. Phone calls between Ortel Customers will be free while to other networks like BSNL, the customer has to bear the charges of interconnect. This means that Ortel call rates are expected to be far lower than existing landline and fixed wireless phone service providers.

Author: Webmaster