Reliance Optical Fibre + Next generation Networks.

A year after relinquishing Reliance Infocomm, Mukesh Ambani is planning yet another extremely high capacity Optical Fiber network connecting India’s best states for business – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The real purpose of this network is to lease the back end infrastructure to ISPs and Telecom Service Providers. As reported by some section of the newspaper, it is untrue that RIL wants to compete with RCom. RIL is just cashing in on the synergies. RIL is laying a massive Gas pipeline in the above said states and along the pipelines they have planned optical cables. This will help RIL network its Retail Operations as well. Earlier Mukesh Ambani was looking for all India Wi-Max Spectrum to link his Retail outlets.

In a separate development, Anil Ambani managed Reliance Communications which has set goals to become one of the Top-5 Telecom companies in the world, awarded a $1.5 Billion tender to Fujitsu to build Next Generation Optical Network connecting Mediterranean, East Africa, Asia and Pacific region. Rcom’s Flag Telecom already owns the largest undersea optical network in the world.

Author: Webmaster