iMom for moms + Oota 2.0 + UP Government Websites

Indians have finally realized the potential of Internet. Every week their are number of sites that are going online. Henceforth, we will be covering in short some of them. iMom is a site for working mothers who have questions on motherhood. BeingGirl is another site that went live for the Indian Teenage girls few months ago and is sponsored by P&G.

Techies in the valley know about Lunch 2.0. The concept has flowed to the silicon valley of south Asia, Bangalore / Bengalooru. You are requested to attend Free Open Social Lunch. More details on Oota 2.0 [Oota – Food in Kannada]

Finally, someone web savvy is existing in the state government of Uttar Pradesh, the most populated and one of the most backward states in India to do business. The state government of Uttar Pradesh launched 33 websites providing information on Child Education to Small and Medium Industries. Check out the directory of UP Government Websites here.

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