Why Consumers hate TRAI and NDNC Registry ?

The Indian Government represented by TRAI has for sure heard the voice of Indian consumer, but in vain. TRAI recommended setting up the NDNC registry with laid back attitude. Why ? Because as a telecom subscriber, I have to register with my respective service provider rather then registering at NDNC Registry. Telemarketers register with NDNRegistry, quote their registration number and then access the data at respective Telecom companies.

Most Indian consumers wanted to register at NDNCRegistry and not with their service providers. Registering with Reliance Mobile has been a pain as reported by some users so also Telcom companies state that it may take few weeks before they are actually included in the Do Not Call list. Here are some feedback from consumers,


It’s wonderful to have such site so that customers can register their phone number not to disturb. Tele marketing keep on increasing day by day and its painful to register against each and every company and this site may not cover all the companies. Is there any possibility in future to have one centralized database for this registry and individual companies in turn take feed from this central repository. This will reduce pain for individual end customers.


A person should be required to register only at one place and DND service should be active for all tele marketing companies. Registering with individual companies is next to impossible

Sanjeev Singhal

It seems to us that TRAI didn’t want to develop and maintain such a huge and sensitive database but rather pose as a regulator.

Author: Webmaster