TRA on ADC + Revised Spectrum Policy + 3G Auction

Telecom regulator TRAI will next week initiate discussions on the fate of Access Deficit Charge, a levy paid by private firms for subsidising rural telephony in the country. “A consultation paper will be released on Monday where the issue of ADC would
be discussed in three major points”.

Reliance Communication will invest Rs 20,000 crore this year in an attempt to extend its urban and rural coverage to 98 per cent and 67 per cent respectively.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) came out with a revised subscriber-linked policy for spectrum allocation to GSM operators, which is in line with the recommendations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is in favour of auctioning spectrum for third generation (3G) services for transparent, honest and credible deals.

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  1. It seems that after a long wait a meeting of empowered ministers on 20th Feb 2008 to get the 3G spectrum held by them.The spectrum auctions in the 700 Mhz band in the USA have shown that auctions are the best and most transparent way to allocate spectrum. In fact the ascending auctions with multiple rounds is the best way rather than a closed auction ashas been recommended by TRAI for India.
    3G is sorely needed for a range of mobile services including Mobile TV.

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