Make Me Over Game attracting Western Girls

The Royal Wedding Celebrations of India turned into games is fast catching attention of European and American girls. In a surprise development, Games2Win, the developer of Make Me Over has reported millions of teenage girls from around the world are logging into gaming portals hosted in India.

Alok Kejriwal, CEO of Games2Win said,

As many as 16 lakh foreigners visit us every month, of which 10 lakh are women. I am not completely amazed considering American girls are the world’s biggest customers of online games.

It would be nice to know if these Gamers are Kids of Indian origin or are they genuinely native girls 🙂

BSNL DataONe Broadband is all set to offer on demand games to its broadband subscribers. BSNL is little short of 1 Million broadband subscribers and has already started upgrading its network to support another 3 Million users. Once 50% of this capacity is reached, it will start upgrading the network for another 3 Million lines.

With falling bandwidth prices, the situation of Broadband is still pathetic in India, especially in Bangalore where BSNL officers put you on waitlist for few months. BSNL in order to increase the ARPU, is set to offer on demand gaming in the first quarter of 2007. [VIA ET]

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