TRAI to Review License Conditions and Cap Operators

TRAI in a consultation paper is asking your expert opinion on review of key license conditions and capping number of access providers. The key issues in TRAI’s paper are,

  • Substantial equity holding
  • Transfer of licenses
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Roll-out obligations
  • Permitting service providers to offer access services using combination of technology [GSM/CDMA] under the same license
  • Limiting the number of access providers in each service area

Equity Holding issue arises due to the Vodafone-Hutch-Essar deal. While the most important and urgent issue that needs addressal is that of letting service provider use combination of technologies – GSM/CDMA. Reliance Communications is in hurry to acquire GSM spectrum in New Delhi and Mumbai but its scarce. If you have a comment on fair allocation and efficient use of Wireless Spectrum send in your expert opinions to

Author: Webmaster