Voice over LTE – What’s Stopping it from being used for Mobile Voice Calls ?

Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) has emerged as a preferred solution, but there are no clear-cut standards for designing VoLTE systems.

State of LTE For Voice – LTE is both a boon (for data) and bane (for voice)  – standards for provisioning voice over LTE have not crystallized. Headroom for disruptive pricing, especially on voice, is limited. Then what about the LTE Phones that we have already written about ? If you read carefully, LTE Phones operate in Dual mode with 3G for Voice calls and LTE for Data Services.

Why can’t I use VoIP App with Underlying LTE Data Network ? Sure, you can when you are static and not on the move. Additionally, the proliferation of bands proposed for LTE is a major challenge. There are around 44 different bands for LTE around the world, which is too broad a range to be addressed in a single chip. Thus radios in cell phones is a major technical challenge for LTE.

However, the real test for LTE / 4G / WiMax technologies in which they have failed was when the user was mobile and voice call quality dropped considerably. When the user’s connection switched from  one tower to other, throughput went down drastically. Thus, VoLTE is still in Labs 🙂

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