Why are Indians not Subscribing to 3G Data / Voice / Video Services yet ?

Its been almost 11 months since the 3G rollout began in India from Tier-I cities to Towns and Villages. However, adoption of 3G has been disappointing. Thus to satiate our minds, we ran a survey to get the impulse of the Telecom Consumer on why they were not subscribing to 3G services. The Result – Yes! You guessed it right a whopping 66% of the respondents say that it is Expensive and Unaffordable.

Results of Poll on why Indians are not subscribing to 3G ?

  • 65.82%  said the 3G Plan prices – Voice / Video / Data are very HIGH.
  • 19.34% reported Coverage Issues for not opting for 3G
  • 4.88% are satisfied with alternate Data Connection for living wired life
  • 4.69% don’t own a 3G handset
  • 3.71% are just not interested in 3G
  • 1.56% quoted some other reasons

Are you the Telecom Operators listening why Indian Consumers are not subscribing to 3G ? Launching of affordable 3G Phones does not necessarily mean gaining subscribers. Get you ears on the ground now.

Update 08-12-2011 Ground Survey on 3G suggests the following,

If you thought the biggest hurdles for 3G uptake were the lack of content and the lack of 3G handsets, you would have been surprised to know that 72% of mobile Internet users and 72% of 3G enabled handset owners we met had not taken a 3G connection!

75% of retailers got regular enquiries about 3G from their customers. 70% of retailers were unaware of what 3G is all about. They usually directed customers to the call centre.

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